MyGenetx is committed to women’s health. 

AFFORDABLE, ACTIONABLE genetic testing for women


MyBRCA™ - A breast and ovarian cancer screen covering the three most common germ-line mutations

MyNIPT™ - Non-Invasive Prenatal Test that analyzes DNA to determine your baby’s risk for certain genetic disorders, without posing a risk to your pregnancy


MyBRCA+™ -  An expanded screen encompassing the six most prevalent founder mutations

MyBRCA-NGS™ - For those testing positive for a BRCA mutation, this reflex Next Generation Sequencing test identifies the presence of additional mutations in BRCA and in other oncogenes and tumor suppressors that affect your risk

MyPath™ – HSV and HPV testing

*Most insurance carriers cover the cost of several of these tests if you meet the medical necessity criteria.  However, MyGenetx also offers affordable cash options.