Personalize Your Treatment to Improve Patient Outcomes with MyPGt™


Pharmacogenetics is viewed as highly important for improving drug therapy and prescribing medications.

  • Personalized medicine enhances patient outcomes, reduces adverse drug reactions, improves efficacy, and is cost effective.

  • MyPGt™ is used to determine which medications and doses are genetically best for your patients.

  • Order MyPGt™ for psychotropic, cardiology, pain, certain black box drugs and expensive specialty drugs covering 23 different genotypes.

Prescribe with Precision.


MyPGt™ Genotype Report Helps You:

•Minimize the trial and error method of drug therapy

•Reduce adverse drug reactions

•Improve patient care


Kitzmiller JP et al. Pharmacogenomic testing: Relevance in medical practice why drugs work in some patients but not in others. Cleve Clin J Med. 2011 Apr, 78(4): 243-257.