Frequently Asked Questions

I'm a provider and want to start ordering chemistry and/or genetic laboratory tests. What do I do?
Go to the ‘Get Started’ page to create an account. Once MyGenetx assigns you an online account, you will be contacted. We provide specimen collection supplies and handle all shipping costs. Our Customer Service Managers will host an online training for your staff to go over electronic ordering, viewing results, and specimen collection. We also offer education on our Genomix University site. 

I'm a patient and am interested in a test. What do I do?
Please discuss your interest with a healthcare provider. Your physician can submit the information we need to begin the process.  

What is involved in collecting a specimen for a genetic test?
Your DNA analysis is dependent on the test ordered. Collection options include:

  • Saline Oral Rinse

  • Traditional Blood Draw

  • Blood Spot Card

How do I see my results?
The laboratory reports all results on a secure web portal, assigned to the ordering physician.

Are my lab results a diagnosis?
No. MyGenetx is a testing facility only, providing laboratory results for use by your professional healthcare provider for diagnosis and patient management.

Do you offer direct-to-consumer testing?
No. MyGenetx does not offer direct-to-consumer testing at this time, but can facilitate testing through your healthcare provider.


Contact customer support today and we will be happy to answer any questions you have pertaining to our offerings.