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The Importance of Genetic Testing in Behavioral Health

Digging Deeper Into Genetics & Behavioral Health


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My PGT Test

The Pharmacogenetics (PGt) test is a simple genetic test that helps show your metabolism of various medications. Medications have been historically prescribed as one size fits all; however, research has found that not everyone metabolizes medications the same. By having a PGt test completed, adverse drug reactions are decreased, and patient health is increased. Sometimes the results can lead to saving money both on cost of care and on prescriptions. Since the test is completed one time and a person’s results do not change because DNA does not change, the results can offer guidance on future medications that may be prescribed.

Haptoglobin HAP2

The Haptoglobin test is for patients with diabetes or a family history of diabetes. The results will allow the provider to know if the patient is at an increased risk for a heart attack or stroke. The test results show either Normal, Intermediate, or High level of risk.