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Nashville Medical News 2.9.16

Press Releases:

MyGenetx  Leadership Elected to Tennessee Breast Cancer Coalition 2017 Board of Directors 1.13.17

Tennessee Molecular Lab Invited to Attend Familial Hypercholesterolemia Summitt 10.13.16

Pharmacy Choice - hc1  Solidifies Leads in CRM for Labs 5.4.16

Packaging Digest- Gaining Visibility on Incoming Shipments 4.26.16

MyGenetx Chief Science Officer Selected to Speak at 2016 TEDxNashville 3.17.16

MyGenetx on the Speaker's Circuit 11.4.15

MyGenetx Teams with Nashville Predators for Breast Cancer Awareness Event 10.2.15

Nashville Predators Announce Golden Giveaways 9.23.15

Healthspek/MyGenetx Personalized Medicine 9.22.15

MyGenetx Board Chair Honored 9.9.15

MyGenetx Board Member Receives Veterans Award 8.28.15

SilverStaff Announces Name Change to MyGenetx 8.6.15

MyGenetx Becomes More Competitive with Shipping Solutions/UPS 5.14

In The News

hc1 Case Study 8.15.16

The Tennessean 3.17.16 TEDxNashville Announces Speakers/Themes

Mental Health Radio News Podcasts

March Podcast : The Importance of Genetic Testing in Behavioral Health with Dr. Dave Vigerust

May Podcast : Digging Deeper Into Genetics & Behavioral Health with Dr. Dave Vigerust

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American Diabetes Association TourdeCure-2016 Sponsor