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MyGenetx is changing the way people are diagnosed and treated around the world.

MyGenetx is a molecular and general chemistry laboratory, providing timely and comprehensive test results.  We have a national footprint in the areas of Pharmacogenetics, Chronic Disease Management, Hereditary Cancer, Women’s Health, Corporate Wellness, Endocrinology, and Oral Health. MyGenetx is committed to bringing affordable, accessible, and actionable laboratory testing to everyone.  Our research and innovative ideas in genetic testing are at the forefront, allowing us to offer personalized medicine and specialized healthcare options, beyond the traditional standard of care.

Our business philosophy is encapsulated in our mantra, “With you, CARE happens”.  We understand the importance of empowering the patient with relevant health information.

"YOUR DNA, YOUR Health, YOUR Story".

Not everyone metabolizes drugs the same way.
Pharmacogenetic testing allows your physician to tailor
your prescription dosage based on your DNA.

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Genetic Testing For
Breast Cancer and
Ovarian Cancer

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Peace of Mind

MyGenetx now offers MyNIPT, a non-invasive
prenatal test that will determine if your baby
is at risk for multiple fetal chromosomal
aneuploidies using a single maternal blood draw.

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Amy Marcum

Director of Marketing

Candy Veach

Women's Health Specialist

Dr. Dave Vigerust, MS, Ph.D

Chief Science Officer

Ed Henry

Director of Development / Hospital Channel

Gabbee Dickinson

Director of Customer Service

James D. West

Chief Executive Officer

Jimmy Kendrick

Chief Operating Officer

Kris Wiese

Vice President of Communications

Mark Mackeller

Vice President of Lab Operations

Michelle Knoepfel

Medical Technologist (ASCP)

Mike Upchurch

Medical Laboratory Technician

Rich Vega

Director of Chronic Care Management

Suzanne Hogan

Director of Business Development